01 Data services


CIMD information services provides independent data on the European financial market that empowers our customers to make efficient decisions on trading, portfolio management, research, risk analysis,  as well as compliance. We offer efficient and flexible market data solutions to meet customers data requirements.

The data is sourced directly from CIMD Group brokerage activities, its trading platforms, combined with its deep knowledge of financial markets, ensuring highest quality standards. CIMD is the leading independent financial intermediary in the Spanish market for the last 35 years.

We offer robust and independent data services on Energy markets, Government bonds and Repos, available for consumption in real-time, or end of day, historical data and for end users as well as applications usage. Data is currently offered via main vendors as well as other delivery channels.

We have a commercial policy framework in place, but we work closely with customers to build solutions that fully reflect data usage within their business processes.


Zeida Nodal

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