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In 2019, a new transversal working group dedicated exclusively to innovation was created in the CIMD Group: Business Innovation.

An area comprised of a small multidisciplinary team from several of the Group´s companies whose primary objective will be to seek tangible cross-synergies through the transformation of ideas.

It is said that success is based on knowing how to adapt in all aspects of life, and this is precisely the essence of this new area. We adapt to mould ourselves to requirements, by providing the adjusted and precise service to meet the needs of our customers in a world that is increasingly changing.

Business Innovation is a transversal area that provides service to all the companies in the Group and to our institutional (B2B) clients.

It is made up of several branches:

  • RegTech

Customer service through regulatory reporting of transaccional operations. MiFIDII, EMIR, SFTR, Best Execution, RTS 27 & 28 among others.

  •  CIS (CIMD Information Services)

Real market data of financial and energy markets for institutional clients. Quality and reliabile market data compiled from our 100+ client base and from regulators.

  •  imdi funds

Digital investment. The best solution for investment and private financial savings. White label, digitalisation of processes, online registrations, systems callibration, flow development, risk matrix and much more.

  •  Electronic Markets

Encompassng the electronic platforms for the trade and transparency of prices in markets.

  • Pre Trading

 Providing support for the entire process of measuring and managing client’s market, credit, counterparty, liquidity and operational risks. We also help establish trading limits, onboarding, pre-classification and KYC, among others.

  •  Post-Trading 

Providing support for the entire process of reconciliation and integration of information related to market operations.


We are aware that, today, innovation is the backbone of business strategy thus we hope to have many solutions in place in the upcoming future.

Innovation to be able to maintain and increase our competitivity, which allows us to process swift responses in combination with principles of effectiveness and efficiency to meet the demands of our clients ahead of the market that we face.


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