01 Consulting

Independent value in the organisation and structuring of operations, in both capital markets and on a private basis.

Registered Advisers in Spain’s alternative fixed income market (MARF), offering to design and select the best placing syndicate with a view to attaining the utmost depth in terms of geography and investment.  Likewise, it provides accompaniment as Rating Advisors and it provides clients with strategic advice, both in structured financing operations with varying collateral or senior transactions backed by corporate guarantees, as well as in the acquisition/divestment of assets and/or shareholdings in listed or private companies.

This unit works closely with other Group companies, such as Intermoney SA and especially with securitisation arm Intermoney Titulización, the source of much of the knowledge of the corporate space, legal and financial structuring and the arrangement of vehicles and funds that optimise clients’ interests and meet their investment requirements.


Products and Services

  • Origination and structuring of public and private debt operations
  • Origination and structuring of public and private debt operations
  • Integrated strategic corporate advice for operations in structured financing and optimisation of shares or business holdings.


Santiago Comin