01 Consulting

Specialist financial consultancy based on proximity and specific solutions.

Furthermore, Intermoney renders macroeconomic research services, and is a standard-bearer both in Spain and abroad.


Consultancy and Financial and Risk Advisory

  • Adaptation of entities’ organisation and methodologies to the new scenario in relation to financial and risk management.
  • Development and installation of integrated systems to measure and manage profitability and financial risks (liquidity, interest rate, operating, credit and market risk), adapting them to new regulatory requirements.
  • Strategic advice to our clients.
  • Collaboration in entities’ financial and risk management.
  • Rigorous and up-to-date training in response to the challenges of regulations and the financial context.


Products and services:

  • Adaptation to regulatory changes
  • Consultancy and Financial and Risk Advisory
  • Global Control of Financial Risk
  • Diagnosis, organisation and procedures
  • Preparation of handbooks and establishment of limits
  • Management of liquidity and interest rate risks
  • Internal transfer prices
  • Integrated risk information
  • Development and implementation of profitability and financial risk management tools
  • Calculation of capital consumption on the basis of credit and market risk
  • Advice to the Asset and Liabilities Committees of financial institutions
  • Budget planning and monitoring
  • Financial management of insurance portfolios
  • Strategic advice to financial institutions


Macroeconomic research

The research department of Intermoney is a standard-bearer in financial and economic information both in Spain and abroad.  In this connection, it contributes with its forecasts to the panel of experts of the ECB and to Bloomberg with regard to European economic affairs and to the Funcas panel on the Spanish economy.


  • Products and services:
  • Economic and market analysis
  • Daily reports
  • Control reports
  • Banking sector-specific research
  • Economic and financial analysis and advisory services for the public sector:
  • Diagnosis of the budget and financial situation
  • Strategies to optimise the cost of debt for institutions


Specialist training

  • Economic and financial context
  • Financial management and information systems
  • Financial risks: Regulation, methodology
  • Executive programmes

Managing Director:

Joaquín Vázquez

+34 91 432 64 64