Contact: Mónica Hengstenberg
Caridad Gomez


At IMAS we provide our clients with services related to the control and monitoring of all types of assets, portfolios of financial assets, credit rights, loans, all types of
financing operations, future flows, real estate or personal property of any type.

We are authorized and perform the functions of the external control body of the coverage pool (OCCC) in the issues of Covered Bonds, and we can also provide support services to the internal control body of the coverage pool of the issuing entity.

We are Registered Advisors of the MARF, in financing operations we participate as an agent of the financing entities, carrying out activities such as verification of documentation and processing of financial data, management of collections and payments between credit institutions and accredited companies, distribution of information between all of them, etc. always acting in accordance with the instructions received from the financing entities.

We provide calculation agency services for special purpose entities, syndicated and bilateral loan agency services, as well as any other financing instruments for the purpose of obtaining, maintaining, monitoring and monitoring, as well as processing all the appropriate procedures before the public and private organizations