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IM Agency Services

At IMAS we provide our clients with services related to the control and monitoring of all types of assets, portfolios of financial assets, credit rights, loans, all types of financing operations, future flows, real estate or personal property of any type. We are authorized and perform the functions of the external control body of the […]

Business Innovation

In 2019, the CIMD Group took a step forward by setting up the Business Innovation department, a cross-cutting working group dedicated to business innovation. This department brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts from several companies in the group, with an approach based on generating synergies, fostering transformative ideas and obtaining tangible results. In all walks […]

Wind to Market (W2M)

Wind to Market (W2M) is the leading independent company in Spain providing representation services in the wholesale electricity market for power generation facilities using renewable sources, cogeneration and waste. W2M represents a broad range of renewable generation, cogeneration and waste energy producers and technologies, and provides control centre and telemetry services. The company is a leader in generating […]


Electricity marketing company.  AEQ is a national electric power supplier aimed at meeting a basic demand in a fair manner, underpinned by trust, transparency and the proven track record of its entire work team. Given its capacity for innovation and its commitment it is aimed at providing a quality service to Industries, SMEs, businesses and owners’ […]

Intermoney titulización

Intermoney Titulización is the securitization and agency services unit of CIMD Group. Intermoney provides analysis and advisory services in the area of asset backed finance for credit institutions and corporates, and renders securitization and trustee services for special purpose vehicles operating in Spain and in other European jurisdictions such as Ireland and Luxemburg. Intermoney has incorporated more than a […]

Intermoney Gestión SGIIC

Intermoney Gestión SGIICis the CIMD Group’s collective investment scheme (CIS) management company in Spain. IM Gestión is aims to offer its clients access to an advantageous position compared with its competitors. Products and Services Mutual fund management Management and administration of SICAVs

Intermoney Patrimonios

Intermoney Patrimonios is the department that provides coverage for individual clients, family/business groups and family offices of the Cimd-Intermoney Group, offering specialised and independent access to all markets and financial assets, managing their wealth with a professional and independent service. We adapt to suit the needs of each client by offering portfolio management, advisory, execution, settlement and custody services to end clients in both […]

imdi funds

imdi funds: The right choice in terms of simplicity, suitability for all profiles, efficiency and transparency. Intermoney Digital Investments Funds (imdi funds) emerged as a result of CIMD Group’s unwavering commitment to innovation. imdi funds offers a long term savings and investment service including advice at no additional cost. Our proposal is carefully tailored to suit a very […]

IM Gestão de Ativos IMGA

IM Gestão de Ativos (IMGA) focuses on the management and administration of real estate mutual funds in the Portuguese market, and it is the most recently incorporated of the Group’s companies, following the acquisition of Millennium Gestão de Ativos from Millennium BCP in 2015. IMGA follows an investment strategy aimed at maximising the return on funds […]

Intermoney Capital Advisory

Origination and Structuring of public and private deals in capital markets as well as alternative financing to mid-market companiespublic/private sector deals Intermoney Capital Advisory, is the team responsi-ble for the origination and structuring of public and private debt capital deals for Iberian mid-market companies as a form of traditional or as alternative financing. Our approach […]

Intermoney Consultoría

Intermoney Consultoría is a specialist consultancy firm that employs a high-value team to provide solutions built around three cornerstones: capital markets, risk and regulation, and compliance. Intermoney also renders macroeconomic research services, and is a standard-bearer both in Spain and abroad. Our consultancy has a specialist team with 360º knowledge in the following fields: Regulatory Projects: Our hallmark is our experience […]

Intermoney Valora Consulting

Intermoney Valora Consulting is the CIMD Group company that provides financial consultancy services specialising in measuring the value of assets and in assessing, controlling and managing risks. Following the integration in 2014 of Intermoney Energía’s structure into Intermoney Valora, the company performs its consultancy activities in two major areas: financial and energy. Financial consultancy Energy consultancy

CIMD SV Brokerage

CIMD SV is the Group’s securities firm specialising in brokerage for institutional clients in wholesale financial markets. It has been a leader in Spain for more than 35 years. The Company’s clients include the leading European banks and securities companies, and it intermediates all kinds of financial products, as well as energy derivatives, providing access at the best […]

Intermoney Valores

Intermoney Valores is the Group’s Investment Services arm, specialising in providing institutional and professional clients with access to fixed income and equity markets In providing its services, Intermoney Valores taps the most modern and efficient resources, with access to the leading global securities markets, allowing it to generate differentiating value compared with other, similar entities.  […]

CIMD (Dubai) Ltd

CIMD (Dubai) Ltd. is the Group company based in the United Arab Emirates, focusing on clients in Asia, Africa and the Persian Gulf. It operates in a number of fields: Institutional Brokerage Brokerage with institutional clients in the Government Debt and Private Fixed Income markets. Wealth management advice CIMD (Dubai) Ltd. provides Advisory and Wealth Management […]