Head of FinTech Department: Patricia Mata


imdi funds: The right choice in terms of simplicity, suitability for all profiles, efficiency and transparency.

Intermoney Digital Investments Funds (imdi funds) emerged as a result of CIMD Group’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

imdi funds offers a long term savings and investment service including advice at no additional cost. Our proposal is carefully tailored to suit a very broad range of investors and their needs, providing the tax and transparency advantages that characterise Spanish mutual funds, at costs that are substantially lower than the industry average.

At imdi funds we have digitalised the client’s investment process, but not the management of the compartment most suited to their profile in which they eventually invest. The management of the sub-funds is driven by active asset allocation and diversification both domestically and internationally, and is based on the broad experience and professionalism of our fund management firm: Intermoney Gestión. Through technology, we have managed to simplify and embed the phases of client profiling, recommendation of the most appropriate investment product, registration, trading and access to position information at all times, 7 days a week.